The aim of the Heat exchanger division, which caters to the needs of the domestic and commercial heating market, is to give a boost in terms of innovation and financial savings by addressing the growing need to curb energy consumption and environmental pollution. This division covers about 6,000 sq. m. and houses an area for pipe processing and another area for heat exchangers.
Pipe processing includes:


  • Pipe cutting with disc saw or orbital cutting saw
  • Automatic bending and flaring on cells
  • Swaging
  • Manual and automatic brazing
  • Gas pipe testing using ATEQ unit
  • Ink marking
  • Automatic vacuum cleaning



The following processes are in place for heat exchangers:


  • Pipe cutting with disc saw
  • Press shearing
  • Tunnel conveyor washing
  • Automatic brazing in controlled-atmosphere tunnel conveyor oven
  • Aluminium powder dip coating
  • Helium testing
  • Fume and efficiency analysis laboratory