“Ethical behaviour  in  businesses conduct and activities is of primary importance for the good functioning of a Company and strengthens the confidence of its shareholders, clients and suppliers and of the entire economical context in which it operates.

SAF prides itself on integrity and believes that practicing and promoting ethical behaviour is a competitive advantage of the Company.

This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics adopted by SAF identifies guiding principles of correctness, loyalty, integrity and transparency, that the Company expects to be used in its internal relationships and in dealing with third parties.

As part of the functioning of  the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and of its Model of Organization, Management and Control, the Company has appointed an independent  audit committee (called “Organismo di Vigilanza” or “OdV”) with the task to monitor the functioning, the efficiency, the adequacy and the compliance with the rules of the above mentioned Code and Model. To report issues of concern to such audit committee, see below a dedicated e-mail address; any such report will be treated confidentially and the Model provides for a non-retaliation policy for when a genuine concern has been reported.”


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